Tips and Tricks

This page details several tips and tricks that you might find useful when using Tenacity.


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Latency Compensation

In some cases, you might need to overdub over a recording while Tenacity. In a case where latency matters, you can adjust the amount of latency compensation to better synchronize recordings with other tracks.

To adjust latency compensation, ensure you have the right input and output devices selected. You might also find it easier to record to new tracks rather than on the same track. Then, do the following:

  1. Go to Generate > Rhythm Track to generate a rhythm track. Leave the settings to their defaults and click ‘OK’.

  2. Setup your input device so it records the track. For example, if you are using a mic, set it close to your computer’s speakers so the mic picks up the speakers’ output.

  3. Begin record the output track. The input device should pick up the output from Tenacity. If it does not, ensure you have the right output device (and host, if needed) selected. You might need to perform additional troubleshooting steps if the problem persists.

  4. Once you have reached the end of the track, stop recording. Now you should have two tracks: the original (top) and the recorded (bottom).

  5. Select one peak in the original track. Then extend your selection to the same peak in the recorded track.

  6. Note the start and end times in the selection bar. The difference between the two times (start - end) is your latency compensation.