Tenacity contains an external interface that allows external scripts and programs to execute commands. This interface is provided by mod-script-pipe.

mod-script-pipe is a relic that comes from Audacity. Being an Audacity fork, most scripts designed for Audacity should work with no issue in Tenacity.

mod-script-pipe, as the name implies, is an external module; in order to use it, you must enable and load it first. To enable mod-script-pipe, go to Preferences > Modules and change mod-script-pipe to “Enabled”. Set it to “Disabled” to disable external scripting.


Enabling mod-script-pipe allows other applications full control over Tenacity, which can be used for malicious purposes. When a program connects to mod-script-pipe, you will NOT be notified, and neither can you restrict an application’s abilities.


DO NOT USE mod-script-pipe ON A WEB SERVER! It was NOT designed for such usage (e.g., it does not sanitize inputs) and probably will never be.