This page will not go in-depth about everything regarding Tenacity. It is intended to be a quick overview of the most common features in Tenacity.

One of Tenacity’s design goals is to be easy to use yet powerful at the same time. This page describes some of the most common features and their basic usage.

Getting Started

First, open Tenacity. The main window should look something like this:


This window is called the project window. The project window is where you edit audio. The project window contains several toolbars (top and bottom) and the track area (which contains tracks).

To get started, first import some audio. Go to File > Import > Audio to import audio. Alternatively, you can drag and drop the file into the track area (the big empty area in the window).

If you don’t have any audio files to import, you can alternatively generate some audio. Go to Generate > Tone, leave the fields unchanged, and click ‘OK’ to generate some audio.


You can explore with the different generators if you’d like, but we will not cover them in this guide.

Editing Basics